We just throw the Canadians back….them’s not good eatin’…

God-fearing heavily-armed Americans are working hard to keep “illegal immigrants” out of their really shitty community.

Cochise County’s “official newspaper” has issued a call to arms and is spearheading the formation of a local militia to combat illegal immigration.

Tucson human rights activist Isabel Garcia said the Tombstone Tumbleweed’s rhetoric is the latest manifestation of a militant vigilantism that has long existed in Cochise County with the acceptance and encouragement of local officials.

She said Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever’s public friendship with groups like Glenn Spencer’s American Patrol, the sheriff’s lack of investigation into Roger and Don Barnett’s armed detention of illegal entrants and the clear unwillingness on the part of Cochise County Attorney Chris Roll to investigate and prosecute the two brothers have given them credibility and encouraged groups like Texas-based Ranch Rescue and the new Tombstone Militia.

The best comment:

This has nothing to do with the Mexican people per se. . . . It’s about stopping uncontrolled immigration,” he said.

So all you Canadians trying to sneak across the Rio Grande…watch your ass, eh.

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