Ron who…George what??

Nixon apologist Bill Safire is still trying to beat Kennedy. Now it’s Kennedy’s health:

Hospitals where Kennedy was privately cared for a half-century ago will be more free to add to his medical history: the “absentee senator,” as opponents labeled him, may have preferred to be seen more as playboy than patient.

These emerging revelations display Kennedy’s penchant for political concealment and media manipulation — ameliorated by his inspiring example of willingness to undergo great pain to succeed in wielding great power.

But this drives home the point that candidates should not put ambition above honesty in dealing with questions about their physical and mental ability to serve. And they should order their doctors to tell the public the whole truth.

Any chance they’re going to bring us to date on the Reagan’s last few years or, hey, how about all of President Peruvian Marching Powder’s medical records from his “irrresponsible” years?

Nah. I didn’t think so……

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