Say it! “I’m proud to be free.” Louder! “I’M PROUD TO BE FREE…please stop hitting me…”

Pennsylvania is going to make their kids into freedom-loving patriots even if they have to coerce the little bastards into doing it.

Republican Rep. Allan Egolf said he introduced the measure, which also would mandate the display of the American flag in all classrooms, after finding that some schools did not ask students to recite the pledge.

“It’s getting away from teaching about what our country stands for, what our founders did, and why we have the country we have,” Egolf said.

Yes, our country stands for forced flagrant displays of faux patriotism by children. Extra credit given to children who turn in their parents for saying things like “Boy. That Bush guy is really stupid” or “Lets play Ashcroft and the swarthy person of interest…now bend over and tell me who’s your god now, Muslim-bitch?”.

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