No, really! We’re hip! We’re “with it”. We can still score chicks…except for Ben… and Andy

Andy Sullivan wants so much to fit in, but he doesn’t want to be known as a Republican. What to do, what to do? I know! Create a new sub-group with a really cool name and maybe even get matching jackets and have a secret handshake and everything….Let’s call ourselves South Park Republicans.

It looks like uber-dork Stephen W. Stanton is pretty excited about finally fitting in somewhere:

A recent column titled “South Park Republicans” challenged conservative stereotypes by suggesting that a many Republican voters are more inclined to watch Comedy Central than the Christian Broadcasting Network. The piece struck a chord. Actually, it struck several. You can read the reaction for yourself by doing a Google search for “South Park Republicans.” Responses range from enthusiastic support to outright ridicule.

A few clarifications are in order. First, not all viewers of “South Park” are Republicans. Certainly, not all of Barbara Streisand’s listeners are steadfast Democrats. And the concept of South Park Republicans is not new. Back in 2000, an article was published detailing The Inherent Conservatism of “South Park”. The term “South Park Republicans” was first coined by Andrew Sullivan.


When you lift the flap to peek inside, who will you see in the Republican tent? After looking at the ad hoc membership of the left, it becomes easy to accept the South Park crowd as a viable Republican caucus, numerically dwarfing other factions such as, say, the Log Cabin Republicans. Of course, with congressional control and a sitting president, there must be far more people – and far greater diversity – in the Republican party than Hollywood might have you believe. Hilary Clinton got it half right: The right wing is truly vast, encompassing a vibrant and diverse base holding many different priorities. However, there is no conspiracy; the party is not monolithic.

In fact, the party is evolving rapidly. The newest and youngest members do not look, act, or think like the old guard. Generation X grew up with computers and cable TV. They entered the workforce at the same time as the Internet and embrace technology. They access the information and entertainment they want when they want it. They are individualists, with little patience for censorship or prejudice. Generation Y grew up even later, after political correctness had already firmly taken root. They now rebel against the very institutions, such as racial quotas, that were put in place by the progressives who fought the conservatism of the ’60s.

Wait till Stephen finds out about the South Park Republication initiation ceremony. Hope he’s got his power glutes on….

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