So, if I tattoo Eli Lilly across my forehead, I can have all the ‘cocktails’ I want? Deal.

Sullivan (sigh) again.

AL GORE, SOCIALIST: The final move in Al Gore’s shift to the left came last week, according to ABCNews.com’s The Note. He has now formally abandoned his earlier centrist position on healthcare and plumped for a Canadian single-payer system of the kind specifically avoided by Clinton. It’s good to know that this is the new Gore: statist, populist, and the most left-wing member of the current group of Democratic contenders. Maybe he should take a look at yet another story from Britain’s vaunted National Health Service. Here’s a testimony from a man who is still attached to the idea of collectivist healthcare, but who saw what it means when it mattered most. He needed urgent radiotherapy for a brain tumor.

Maybe if the English guy had proprosed to use his blog to promote big pharma, thay would have kicked him a little help.

Nah. That never happens in real life…

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