A slight change in the lesson plan….

State police say the Oswego County BOCES students working on cutting a tree during class Friday all would have been safe if they had stood still.

One student, Christopher Longo, 15, of Granby, ran into the tree’s path and died. Several other students also ran when the tree began to fall, Investigator Michael C. Pastuf said Tuesday.

Monday, two students told a Post-Standard reporter that they feared for their lives as they outran the tree, which fell in a direction they hadn’t expected.

But state police investigators say that’s not what the students told them hours after the accident.

“This is a very emotional investigation, but we have to separate the emotion from the facts,” Pastuf said.

The state police investigation found that the teacher accurately predicted where the tree would fall and that the students were out of harm’s way before the tree fell, Pastuf said.

But the lesson in Darwinism went well, I see…..

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