Don’t know much about geography.

What would I do without Andy Sullivan? The latest:

NEPOTISM WATCH: More evidence that America is as much an aristocracy as a democracy. Forget the Bush dynasty. Both candidates for the Democratic House Minority leadership post are essentially scions of well-established political dynasties. A reader points out:
Pelosi’s father was a Congressman for a decade, then mayor of Baltimore for a dozen years while she was growing up. Her brother later was elected mayor of Baltimore. She graduated from Trinity College in Washington, DC, which was established as a finishing school for Catholic girls. Ford’s father, Harold Ford, Sr., was elected to Congress from Memphis in 1974 and the youngster spent most of his time in Washington. He attended the tony St. Albans prep school on the grounds of the Episcopal National Cathedral, then went on to the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan Law School. He took over his father’s seat when the elder decided not to seek reelection.

Not exactly a populist alternative, eh?

Leaving aside the obvious, that neither of these cases falls under the definition of nepotism.(Andy, look it up for Christ’s sake…) We take the case of Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi’s father was the mayor of Baltimore which-is-in-Maryland. Nancy Pelosi is a Congresswoman from San Francisco which-is-in California. Now, I’m sure if Andy were to break out his Denny’s Color-In-The-USA map he would find that they are on opposite sides of the country. Yes. It’s true. Maybe if he moved his finger really slowly on the map, it would make those little dotted lines just like the ones that follow Billy in Family Circus.

How very sad that this is the best he can do attacking Ford and Pelosi. But then he wouldn’t be Andy if he didn’t make a fool of himself, now would he?

And if he is really so concerned with nepotism he should look at the job appointments (now, that’s nepotism) given to the son of Colin Powell, the son of Fat Tony Scalia, the son of Jim Bunning, the daughter of William Rehnquist, and the daughter of Dick Cheney (the straight one…not the lesbian one who has been safely tucked away in the Lynne Cheney Institute for Teaching Girls to Like Dick.)

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