News that should make us embarassed…

Somewhere in the world people are dying of starvation, drought. disease. exposure, religious intolerance, and any manner of genocide.

In North America we are having a rock/paper/scissors tournament.

TORONTO – Rock, paper, scissors, the popular childhood game of chance, will be played by 250 adults this weekend in an international championship with $2,000 in prizes, proving the age-old pastime is no longer played only to determine who gets the last slice of pizza or the shotgun seat in a car.

“We were trying to decide something and we played rock, paper, scissors and had a best of 15 rounds,” Douglas Walker, 31, said in explaining how he and his brother came to be co-organizers of the Toronto-based World Rock Paper Scissors Society

Oh those wacky Canadians. The sure know aboot having a good time, eh?

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