Bush administration says “Let’s kill some elephants”. Entire NRA gets simultaneous group hard-on

For some reason the Bush administration want to kill off the symbol of their own party. Oh yeah, I remember why: money.

A U.N.-sponsored conference on Tuesday agreed to partly lift a trade ban on ivory, saying several African nations could sell stockpiles. The move follows a decision by conference officials to lift a 3-week-old ban on the trade of Caspian Sea beluga sturgeon and caviar. Conservationists protested both actions, saying the ivory decision would encourage poaching of elephants and that the caviar ruling would further reduce a species near extinction.


On Tuesday, CITES delegates agreed to let Botswana and Namibia make one-time sales of 20 and 10 tons of ivory, respectively. The ivory has been stockpiled from elephants that either died of natural causes or were culled because of crowding in certain areas.
Similar proposals from South Africa and Zimbabwe for 30 and 10 tons were expected to be approved later Tuesday.
CITES drew up guidelines inspired in part by the United States, which surprised delegates by saying it would support the proposals

Although many nations argue that any legal sale of ivory would tempt another outbreak of poaching, Craig Manson, head of the U.S. delegation disagrees.

The U.S.-inspired proposal calls for strict monitoring of elephant populations across Africa and in Asia, along with tighter customs controls. If approved, ivory sales would begin in four years.

“If the conditions we’ve set are met, we believe (the ivory trade) would be consistent with sustainable management of the species,” Manson said.

More elephants. Less Republicans. That’s a sustainable management plan I can get behind.

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