Fanmail from some flounderers

Since I don’t get any hate mail of my own (oh, maybe a few, but hardly worth talking about) I have to go to DemocraticUnderground for some really good ones. As you may know, DU is an obsession of the freepers, right up there with guns, NASCAR, Jesus, and anal sex. So they get all the really good letters, which you can find right here. (Beware: really bad language alert). This one is my favorite, though:

From: “John —–, — ———-” < ---------@cetlink.net>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 09:09:58 -0500
Subject: IDIOTS

You People are IDIOTS. Hey, open up your stupid forum to free discussion.

I tremendously resent your general assertion that I am a SHEEP, simply because I do not agree with you. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a highly scientist. I have eaten meals with Nobel Prize winners (yes, plural), I have given talks among the worlds greatest scientists. I have taught both Chemistry and Physics at several institutions of higher learning.

I have been a Police Officer and a Firefighter. I have helped little old ladies change flat tires in the rain, and I have pulled human beings form burning buildings. I have had guns pointed at me and knives pulled on me.

I fish, hunt, camp and hike.

I am also a Conservative who is absolutely more thoughtful about the opinions I hold than the vast majority of Liberals. My wife, too, is a Conservative. She, by the way, is a medical doctor who presently works at an urban hospital, including the clinics for those that ‘cannot afford’ a ‘regular doctor office.’

In reality, you know nothing about me. But here is something you should know, and take it seriously. I know why you don’t open your forum up to honest debate.

Because you will lose.

Good Day,
J. —–, Ph.D.

Man. That is one cool hatemail letter. I’m jealous.

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