Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but invading Iraq would be delightful…

Ruminate This points out that the if Bush doesn’t get his war for Christmas he’s going to be one unhappy Boy Emperor.

One wonders whether the administration has plans for extra security during that Big Business Season of Christmas. You know, when folks are out, shopping the malls of America – consuming far too much crap for their own materialistic good, in these rather unfestive times of econonimic fatigue? Certainly, Mr. Bush must be sharp enough to recognize what the US intelligence agencies have already figured out: that were we to begin a preemptive attack upon Iraq, retalliatory terrorist acts are likely to befall our shores. Is the administration ready for that schizophrenic jingle bell scenario?

If there is another domestic terrorist attack on Christmas Day, Jesus-Americans are going to be in a quandry, reconciling running around shouting, “Remember 12/25!”. “Which one? The good one or the bad one?”. “Um…”

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