When states rights aren’t convenient…

In their efforts to overturn the right of woman to make a choice about her own body, Anti-Choice advocates (read: pinched-faced religious busybodies) have always stated that they would leave it up to the individual states to decide. God won’t like it that they lied.

The upshot: Religious conservatives will pressure the Republican House and Senate to pass antiabortion measures previously passed by the House but buried by the Democratic Senate. After the ban on the “partial-birth” procedure — passed by the House in July — the next priority is a ban on human and embryonic cloning — which the House passed last year.

Next on the list of House-passed measures come the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (giving legal status to a fetus hurt or killed during the commission of a federal crime), the Child Custody Protection Act (making it a crime to take a minor for an out-of-state abortion in violation of a state’s parental notification laws), and the Abortion Non-Discrimination Act (forbidding state and local government actions against hospitals or health-care workers who refuse to participate in abortions).

Connor predicted Senate passage of all five and vowed that “you can count on fact that we will be pressing the Congress to act with dispatch.” Douglas Johnson, legislative director of the National Right to Life Committee, said he expects the Senate at least to take up all five “at some point” during the next Congress. As for Bush, Johnson said: “We’re very happy with the support the White House has given on all of these bills. I would expect that to continue.”


Abortion opponents also expect a boost from Bush’s judicial nominations, including the likely reconsideration of Texas Supreme Court Judge Priscilla Owen, who had been rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee for a federal appeals court. “We’re going to see a philosophical revolution in the courts,” said Bruce Fein, a Reagan administration lawyer. Though he said the courts will let stand the landmark Roe v. Wade decision because undoing it would be “too wrenching,” he said Bush’s nominees will impose a variety of new abortion restrictions. “The impact will be enormous,” he said. “It will be almost as profound as if [Supreme Court nominee Robert] Bork had been confirmed.”

Abortion foes are unlikely to see action on their most sweeping priority, a constitutional amendment banning the practice. But they may see new restrictions on public funds going to international population-control groups. They also are likely to see congressional investigations into the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the abortion pill.

Any woman who voted for Bush, Chambliss, Coleman, Talent, Dole, or Sununu is too stupid to trust with children. If you can’t trust yourself to make a private decision for yourself without goverment interference, you have no business having and raising kids.

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