Americans want war…USA Today says so….

A majority of Americans support President Bush’s push for war against Iraq and say Democrats are not tough enough in dealing with terrorism, a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll shows.

The poll over the weekend also found that most surveyed believe that Republicans have a clearer plan for managing foreign affairs and the economy. Even a majority of Democrats in the survey say their party is too liberal.


”Democrats are holding back more than Republicans on attacking Iraq, and we need to clamp down on Saddam Hussein,” said Democrat Bill Howard, 68, a retired equipment operator in San Angelo, Texas.

In California we call a Texas Democrat a….Republican. Of course nothing is mentioned in the article about how people feel about the war if there will be massive casualities.

At the end of the article:

But 52% of those polled oppose additional tax cuts being considered by Bush to stimulate the economy

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