The eternal vigilance of little Andy Sullivan.

I used to work with this guy who was a big Raiders fan. About Thursday of every week he would inevitably start talking about what “we” needed to do that weekend to secure the win for the Silver & Black. The “we” being himself at home watching, and, of course the Raiders wherever they happened to be playing that week, which I assume wasn’t at his house. “We” have to shut down Elway. “We” have to keep Seau out of the backfield.”We” “we” “we”…

So what does this have to do with Andy Sullivan?

Well apparently he has taken the lead in leading America in it’s battle against Islamo-fascism, nihilism, isolationism, but not hedonism because he’s kinda partial to that -ism. Not even the Hindenberg had this much gas.

IS IT OVER? Since September 11, this blog has been galvanized by the need to fight the battle of ideas over the war against Islamo-fascism. That means exposing the vacuous nihilism of the academic left, the poisonous isolationism of the anti-war right, the thinly veiled anti-Semitism of some parts of the anti-war movement, the incoherence of the Democrats, and the p.c. delusions of much of the media. That’s also what has propelled the blogosphere into stardom – voicing what most people really think, sentiments and arguments that are routinely barred from many mainstream media outlets. But after last week, things have changed, haven’t they?


It’s certainly clear to me that those of us who have been consistently anti-terror and anti-Saddam have scored a huge victory. I’d say the academic left and the left-liberal consensus in the media and Washington have been largely routed by events. But that doesn’t mean that many of these misguided individuals have genuinely seen the light. If and when war comes, they will still try to turn it against the West, spin every military victory as a defeat, and do all they can to undermine the Bush administration’s difficult job in this war. If another terrorist attack occurs, they will blame it on Bush and the West. There is a lull now, while the anti-war camp regroups. That’s predictable and understandable. Not only have they seen the American people vote decisively against them, they’ve even had to watch while Syria backs the U.S.’s new U.N. resolution. That must hurt. But they’ll be back. And I have no intention of taking my eye off the ball when they return.

It would be an understatement to say that Andy is full of himself. Perhaps engorged is more appropriate. Or maybe tumescent. But I do know that I, and many other right-thinking Americans, will sleep better at night knowing that should some America-hating, nihilistic, incoherent, PC-indoctrinating, academic type person dare to attempt to undermine the God-given (or at least Scalia-given) authority of President Cartman, well, as God is my witness, a bare-chested testerone-flushed Andy Sullivan will be there at the barricades to…um…post a blog entry about it. Take that! enemies of freedom, righteousness, goodness, and the delightful synth-pop of the Pet Shop Boys.

I have to go lay down now. Just the thought of Andrew Sullivan Blogger Freedom Fighter defending the liberties I so cherish has given me the vapors. Or maybe existential nausea. It’s hard to tell…

(Late note: By this morning Andy had changed the end of his Eternal Vigilance proclamation from:

But they’ll be back. And I have no intention of taking my eye off the ball when they return


But they’ll be back. I don’t intend to go away.

Now I will admit that I occasionally go back and fix mispellings and typos, but I can’t remember ever changing an ending. I assume that Andy just felt that using the expression “taking my eye off the ball” might me an unfortunate choice of words considering his orientation, leading to a whole bunch of that “left-wing gay bashing” we keep hearing about. I personally won’t go there. But it’s a free country so you can go where you choose…)

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