…and whatever you do, don’t sit on the toilet.

Louis Dethy really didn’t like his family.

A reclusive pensioner who booby-trapped his home with the intention of killing his estranged family, died himself when he inadvertently triggered one of his own devices.

Belgian police have revealed that Louis Dethy, a retired engineer, had hidden a number of booby traps in walls, ceilings and household objects throughout his three-storey home. The traps appeared to be a revenge on the children and grandchildren he claimed had abandoned him.

At first Belgian police assumed the 79-year-old had committed suicide and bled to death from a gunshot wound to the neck after finding him at his home near the town of Charlerois. It was an assumption that nearly cost one detective his life as he searched the house and opened a booby-trapped wooden chest. A shotgun hidden inside went off, missing the policeman by centimetres.

The detectives called in military mine-clearance experts who, after unravelling a series of clues left in scribbled notes, uncovered a total of 19 death traps, among them an apparently harmless but lethal pile of dinner plates, the TV and even an exploding crate of beer

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