Oh, shut the hell up…

Uber-skank Christina Aguilera wants us to know that she had a shitty life and now she going to sing about it whether we want to hear it or not.

In “I’m OK,” she sings of the hurt she says she felt watching her mother “every time my father’s fist would put her in her place.” Another line speaks of “when I was thrown against those stairs,” a lyric she told Rolling Stone was drawn from her father’s behavior.

Though her parents separated when Aguilera was 6 and friends say she has virtually no contact with her father (who could not be reached for comment), the pain is apparently still vivid. “One time she called me up, and she was crying about how it’s so hard to sing these lyrics, because it’s her,” says Reilly. Stephen Sollitto, 37, a close pal who often styles her hair, does her makeup and with whom she shares her five-bedroom Beverly Hills house, adds, “She said, ‘Maybe this will help him to face what he’s done and process it.'”

So, is it like Blue, Tapestry, or Little Earthquakes?

Nah. Just more histrionic pop-tart crap. But thanks for sharing, Christina….

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