The New Nixon II

Apparently there are some people that still think that Bill Simon is a viable candidate.

At one point during the interview, Simon made a telling reference to Richard Nixon’s political comeback, but he said he did not know if he would run for office again.

Shortly before the election Simon was concerned that a campaign-ending assault on Davis’ ethics would damage his own political future. But his brusque senior strategist, Ed Rollins, reportedly told him not to worry about it because if he lost he wouldn’t have one.

Rollins’ assessment was more charitable the day after the election.

“Can Bill run again? Sure,” Rollins said Wednesday. “Would he want to run again? What would he say six months from now, two years from now, it’s hard to answer. Is there an automatic path for him? No.”

On election night and the day after, some Simon supporters were talking up a race for Democratic U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer’s seat in 2004. One Simon friend said that would involve plunging into another campaign in a matter of months and would be out of the question. A race for a statewide office such as attorney general in 2006 might be more realistic, the friend said.

After having run one of the worst campaigns in recent California history (take that Al Checchi, Michael Huffington, and Ron Unz) against a very beatable Gray Davis, Simon seems to have inherited more money than sense. Is it any wonder the Republican party is completely in disarray in California? Thankfully.

Meanwhile Simon goes back to his old job, as well as hanging out nights with his buddies in their Georgia Satellite cover-band. Actually I made that part up, but it seems dopey enough.

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