Mark Morford…

wants to comfort us.

And really, when you step back just a little, in the grand and even not-so-grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t make that much difference who runs the nation. The balance always seems to shake out, the people only suffer the party in power for so long, and no matter who is assaulting the national common sense, most people go about their days same as ever, despite skyrocketing unemployment and smog and hate and general sense of dread and fear of guns and evildoers and your swarthy neighbor. And the pendulum swings.

Dems hold majority control for a number of years until taxes soar and the bureaucracy explodes and we get really sick of it and hand it all over to Repubs next election, right until we realize they’ve screwed it up even worse and have driven the economy into a black hole and have thrust the nation into a dozen covert bloody wars for oil all while further insulting women and gays and minorities and slashing/burning the environment in the name of corporate greed.

And we shake our heads and say screw you crusty old white cigar-chomping country-club snakes, and give majority control back to the quivering Dems, who just look all baffled and stunned and launch a million new mostly useless social programs and raise taxes and get all smug and overconfident and then get blow jobs in the Oval Office and ruin it for everybody

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