Getting Bush’s war on….

The UN is finally throwing the car keys to the drunk.

In a unanimous vote, the U.N. Security Council put Iraq on notice Friday that it must either disarm or face possible military action. The new resolution was welcomed by President Bush, who warned Saddam Hussein that he now faces the “severest consequences” if he fails to meet United Nations demands.

Meanwhile, the last car he drove is sitting by the side of the road with flat tires and smoke pouring out from under the hood.

The U.S. military is losing momentum in the war on terrorism in Afghanistan because the remnants of al Qaeda and the Taliban have proven more successful in adapting to U.S. tactics than the U.S. military has to theirs, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said this week.

GEN. RICHARD B. MYERS also said there is a debate taking place within the Pentagon about whether the United States needs to change its priorities in Afghanistan and de-emphasize military operations in favor of more support for reconstruction efforts.

“I think in a sense we’ve lost a little momentum there, to be frank,” Myers said in after-dinner comments Monday night at the Brookings Institution. “They’ve made lots of adaptations to our tactics, and we’ve got to continue to think and try to out-think them and to be faster at it.”

Looks like it’s time to declare victory, hand out some medals, and go blow up some other countries, particularly ones with oil reserves.

The Bush Doctrine. Hit, run, and leave a mess for someone else to clean up. That’s the way he’s gone through his life, run his companies, and how he left Texas.

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