All-American barrel-stroking sycophantic wolves

Yup. Must be Mark Morford time.

And onward they come, like a pack of happily violent completely misinformed all-American barrel-stroking sycophantic wolves, but without the all the grace or beauty or mythology or intelligence.

Salivating at the sound of a rifle shot and cooing at the sight of a Glock .357 and cheering at the spectacle of crusty enfeebled leader Charlton Heston as he struggles with both weakened arms to raise a rifle over his head one last time and croak the group’s adorably macho little mantra, “From my cold, dead hands!” Awww.

Like a band of angry ferrets the gun-drunk NRA marches, stomping into American towns to rally, rally, rally for more guns for more people, often in a city that just so happens to have suffered a deadly and horrific shooting spree within the past few days, isn’t that just the cutest and most small-minded, insulting thing you ever did hear.

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....