Well, he didn’t lie when he said his name was Rush, but it went downhill from there…..

Don’t read this if you have high blood pressure. Rush Limbaugh giving advice to Democrats. Maybe he’ll grace us with diet tips and the secret to a good marriage, at a later time.

I really got a laugh out of this one:

Limbaugh also had face time on television during Election Night, explaining to Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert of NBC News why the Republicans were doing so well.

“The Democrats’ success in the past has been to demonize the Republican figurehead who was the leader,” he said. “They got away with that with Newt Gingrich, but they can’t demonize George Bush – he has no character deficiencies. He’s an honest man, the people love him, he seems to have a very decent way about him. And so all of these threats that the Democrats were promising people, nobody believed them this time around. …

The fact that Brokaw and Russert didn’t call the sweaty, stroke-candidate on this statement says a lot about the myth of a “liberal media”. The fact that NBC even invited him on either says that they have totally given up as serious news network, or that there is some obscure FCC equal time rule mandating that networks must invite bloated talking anal-cysts to appear…and Candy Crowley was already under contract to CNN.

Drunken, deserting, inside-trading, anti-intellectual, thieving, lying, coke-headed, moronic, thinskinned, oil company-owned, chickenhawk. (Did I miss anything?).But no character deficiencies. Nosiree… Looks like ol Rushbo has set the bar pretty low, even by his standards.

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