Eric Alterman..

is feeling fiercely independent today:

But let’s take a moment to say “good riddance” to Dick Gephardt. He had four chances to craft a strategy to win back the House and blew it every time. He has been moving to the right for years now, capping it off with his embrace of Bush on this dangerous and deluded pre-emptive war scheme. That nutty Barbara Streisand fund-raiser over which he presided is a near-perfect metaphor for the Democrats’ strategy in this election. She tells a pro-war politician to show more backbone on opposing the war, then uses a phony Bill Shakespeare quote to do it. The media, prodded by Drudge, focuses on the goofy quote. The party’s message: “Well, we got the money.” Well, you didn’t even do enough of that, guys.

Glad to see your back, Dick: you sold out your fair-trade constituency and replaced it with … what? You didn’t support repealing the rest of the tax cut. You didn’t oppose Bush on foreign policy. You got nothin’ to run for president on except your exciting personality. You might want to reach out to those Viagra people ASAP.

I also like his take on the media saying that the 2002 election validates the 2000 theft. Nice shot man, hey man, nice shot…

(Can you tell I’ve listening to Filter today/)

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