To William Burton for this post. (I can’t get the archive link to work…so here it is)

To the Voters of Georgia

The original version of this post was filled with obscenities, threats, and invective (and I will be down shortly to piss over the state line), but I deleted it in order to appear slightly less insane. I do have a few words for you.

Saxby Chambliss, who faked a knee injury to avoid the draft, ran ads questioning the patriotism and courage of Max Cleland, who lost both legs in Vietnam. For this, you rewarded Chambliss by electing him to the US Senate. Georgians should be ashamed of what they’ve done. I know many of them aren’t, so I’d like to point a couple things out.

You, the voters of Georgia, deserve everything bad that will happen to you over the next few years. You deserve to breathe dirtier air. You deserve to watch your investments dwindle as CEO’s get rich at your expense. You deserve to lose the guarantee of Social Security benefits when you retire. You deserve to watch global warming flood your coastal areas and wash away your condominiums. Unfortunately, your kids don’t deserve any of these things, and neither does mine. But they’ll have to live with them long after we’re gone. Hope you enjoy the f_cking tax cut.

(I made one small edit so that nobody gets blocked out at work because of the use of the “most foul of the foul words”.)

F-cking A….

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