Apparently God’s work isn’t done….

According to the Freepers (you know….the overweight people with more guns than teeth)
God was responsible for yesterday, and he still has many more miracles to perform.

Some snippets from the Jebus circle jerk:

Thank you for the victories that You have granted us.

We pray that those who would dishonestly and unfairly contest close races will be thrown into confusion. Also, we pray that the Republicans will hold onto the Senate in spite of the army of lawyers poised to fight the victories


I thank you Lord Jesus for blessing our leader George W. Bush, a man who follows in David’s footsteps, patiently waiting on and trusting in You!

I thank you for seeing us all through this horrible time of evil; the Islamic terrorist threat and our sinful domestic swarray into cultural darkness.

I am so deeply encouraged to see that so many people voted to turn the tables on these whose delight was so bent on ignoring your will and obstructing the people’s will because they thought they knew best.

Thank you God so much, and I pray that the Republicans might now be true to this victorious mandate and please you in all their actions.


Thank you God for all your blessings. Although I live in California…the good man (Bill Simon) almost won, and this is satisfaction enough. I know you are watching over him and his family God, and I know he will come back and serve our state as a legislator in some capacity. Thank you God for being there, for giving us a Republican majority. You have blessed our nation. Thank you God for the South, and southerners, they have once again helped our nation, thank you for all the northerners who voted with a capital R, they have saved our nation.

Pretty friggin’ scary, huh? Where’s the ATF with a tank when you need them?

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