We’re having absurdity for breakfast.

Leaving home this morning my daughter had on MSNBC (which is weird since she usually watches CNN in the morning), and as I walked through the room, I saw a commercial promoting MSNBC’s “fiercely independent political coverage“.

That’s enough to make you hork a waffle through your nose.

I assume they meant “independent” of the facts.

Saw my gal Peggy for about 45 seconds last night. When Mathews stopped to take a breath, she actually spoke. I don’t know what she said but she did manage 3 hair-flips-behind-the-ears in that brief period. That must be a record somewhere.

(Clarification: I don’t know what I was thinking, however, in fairness to my daughter I have to admit that I accidentally said that she watches CNN in the morning. That is so not correct. She watches ESPN. My bad. I screwed up, and now my daughter has something else to tell Oprah…)

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