Notes from an occupied country…

Well, its mourning in America…I only have a few minutes, so I thought I would make a few quick points and then run. Needless to say I was very disappointed with yesterday’s results. Although I’m not too suprised at Cleland losing in Georgia (it is the South afterall, home of no Ivy League schools…) I was very suprised at Shaheen losing to Sununu, and disappointed that Strickland couldn’t beat a personality-impaired Allard. I think those two races were crucial. So…what to do, what to do….

First off, the Democrats have to look at their leadership. Whereas the Republicans have a face (simian as it is) in George Bush, the Democrats have no face to represent to the public. Daschle may be a good backroom manipulator, but he failed to get the Democrats to fall in line and he isn’t exactly riveting when speaking to the press. Gephardt through the party overboard when he jumped ship on the war resolution, standing shoulder to shoulder with President Chickenhawk. As leaders they both have to go. Thye failed in the midterm elections and there are no mulligans in politics. My fear is the Lieberman-DLC wing of the party will look at this election and think that they have to move more to the middle. They could not be more wrong.

Define a platform. Make everyone hew to it. Then run on it.

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