Great moments in public relations

You’ve really got to hand it to the boneheads at Pepsi

SALEM, Ore. — West Salem High School cheerleader Andrea Boyes didn’t mean to land in hot water with soft-drink giant Pepsi.

The 15-year-old just wanted to raise money for her new squad, which can’t afford to travel to national competitions or hire an assistant coach. So Boyes hit upon what she thought was a bright idea: to sell bottled water bearing a label with her school logo at school events. She got a $750 donation for startup costs, designed a label, had 6,000 printed, found a supplier and ordered 15 cases.

Then Pepsi, which has an exclusive 10-year, $5 million contract with the district, got wind of the deal. The contract allows only Pepsi products, including its Aquafina brand water, to be sold on school grounds. The district also has exclusive contracts with food-service, furniture, athletic-equipment and computer dealers. “It was really disappointing,” said Boyes, who had hoped to net 55 cents in profit for every $1 bottle sold. “I guess now we’ll just have more car washes.”

Combine Pepsi’s stepping in on her fund raiser with the district pimping out the kids to a softdrink company, and this is so wrong on so many levels.

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