More than slightly unbalanced

Looking forward to election night coverage? Look who is joining Chris Matthews over at MSNBC.

And we’ll go to America’s foremost political reporter Howard Fineman, Democratic insider Donna Brazile, GOP communications expert Peggy Noonan, and bomb-throwing pollster Pat Cadell for his unique and unpredictable analysis. If you like your Election Night coverage smart, edgy, and spicy, you won’t want to miss us for a second. MSNBC on Nov. 5: Exciting. Fast-paced. And all night long

Okay, Donna Brazile will represent the Democrats. Since we know that Howard Fineman is a notorious Bush-fellater as well as the reigning MWO Whore of the Year, well, we know where he stands or kneels as the case may be. Pat Cadell “bomb-throwing”? I’m not sure I ever heard what Cadell “throws” refered to as bombs. They used to identify Cadell as a “pollster” but that was so long ago, it like referring to Paul McCartney as a Beatle. It’s so far in the past, and the work since then has been so crappy, that it’s hard to believe it’s the same person. During the 2000 coverage Cadell was so disconnected from what was happening, you started to wonder if some mumbling moron just walked off the street and just took a chair.

Then there is “GOP communication expert” Peggy Noonan. Apparently Pegs will be communicating with Paul Wellstone, Tip O’Neill, and Strom Thurmond (yeah, he’s not dead yet, but the night is young…). Actually it was during the 2000 coverage that I developed my fascination with La Noonan. Between the hair-tossing and incipient hysterical vibrato in her voice, I always get the feeling I’m about to see a Ronee Blakely-in-Nashville-like meltdown. Noonan is my preferred ‘reality TV’.

Missing from this years MSNBC coverage is Mike Barnicle and Doris Kearns Goodwin who are busy co-authoring the Pierre Menard version of Don Quixote.

Other than that, it should be smart, edgy, and spicy.

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