Least suprising headline of the day….

From Drudge:

Long Lines, Confusion at Miami polls

Election officials call it ”convenience voting,” but it didn’t seem all that convenient Friday. Thousands of voters hoping to avoid long lines on Election Day found themselves enmeshed in long lines four days before Election Day.

Many advance voting sites were jammed Friday as early birds confronted lengthy, complex ballots and relatively few machines at six locations in Broward County and 14 in Miami-Dade County.

Was it a harbinger of things to come in South Florida? Probably.

Broward Elections Supervisor Miriam Oliphant was so worried about overcrowded polling places on Election Day that she asked Gov. Jeb Bush to officially lengthen voting hours. Request denied.

”I didn’t think I’d have to wait an hour,” said Mark Sanchez, 34, of West Kendall, one of 40 people in a line that snaked through the children’s section of the West Kendall Regional Library. “But I’m sure it will be worse Nov. 5.”

An hour? He was lucky he wasn’t at the Broward County satellite courthouse in Hollywood. There, an hour carried you only halfway to the touch-screen machines, if you decided to stay.

”You gotta be kidding me,” Rick Dunn, 49, said as he gazed at a line twisting around courthouse corners. “No way. I’m out.”

His words were repeated nearly verbatim in North Miami, where Rita Cecilio reversed course after learning she’d have to wait 45 minutes to vote at the library.

‘It’s frustrating,” she said. ‘I walked in and said, `No way.’ Once I saw the line, I said ‘I’m outta here.’ ”

I’m not from Florida..have never been to Florida…will never go to Florida, so will someone please explain to me why it looks like Jeb! is going to win tomorrow? To call Florida a banana republic is to demean banana republics. How do we vote them off the country?

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