Gotta getta Gund

Win or lose, when Christmas comes around this year, and we all should be making toy donations for underprivileged kids, make sure that some of those toys are Gund Stuffed Animals. Why? Because a friend of the Democrats is a friend of mine:

Louise L. Gund.

In the final days of above-the-board soft money, Democrats and Republicans alike are desperately searching for people like Louise L. Gund.
A reclusive philanthropist living in California’s East Bay region, Gund has gone from being a generous donor to Congressional Democrats to one of the single most important contributors in the final weeks of the campaign, particularly to Senate Democrats.

In just the first 16 days of October, Gund – an heiress to the Cleveland family that made its fortune in teddy bears, beer, coffee and banking – cut $550,000 worth of checks to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. In little more than two weeks she gave more than twice as much money to Democrats than she had donated to candidates and party committees in the 2000, 1998 and 1996 election cycles combined, records show

If Jeanne Shaheen wins, and she very well may, Louise Gund, will have had a big hand in it:

In New Hampshire, sources said, Gund told the Senate campaign of Gov. Jean Shaheen (D) that she would give $350,000 to the DSCC, money that would be essentially earmarked to the Granite State. But to get Gund’s money Shaheen’s camp would have to meet her “challenge” – raising a quick $350,000 for the DSCCthemselves.

On Oct. 8, records show, Gund gave $100,000 to the DSCC, around the time she issued her challenge. In about five or six days the Shaheen people raised their $350,000 for the party committee, and on Oct. 15 Gund gave the DSCCanother $250,000.

Within a week, a quick $700,000 was infused into the Boston media market through Gund’s work.

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