Put your money in my cold, clammy, dead hands…

Dick Cheney has been on the road a lot lately keeping those subpoenas at bay and selling influence by the pound. Avoiding the sexual advances of Lynne is just a bonus…

Vice President Cheney likes to tell donors that the Republicans’ battle to reclaim the Senate is personal for him, since “my only job as vice president is to preside over the Senate.”

Hardly, but it is one reason Cheney took on a grueling 10-month campaign schedule that raised more than $40 million for GOP candidates and party organizations. Cheney all but disappeared from public sight after the terrorist attacks, but the high-stakes election brought him out of his secure, undisclosed location for constant trips around the country, even as he remained largely invisible in Washington.


Like Bush’s travel, Cheney’s is subsidized by taxpayers because the government pays for the costs of flights, security and communications wherever he goes, even when the Republican Party picks up some of the costs of the events and receptions. Cheney has traveled so frenetically this year that the White House said in a July letter to Congress that he had exceeded his travel budget and was transferring $100,000 from other accounts so he could keep up his itinerary. The letter cited “unanticipated travel by the vice president,” which has included visits to military bases. Aides said the transfer of funds was required because of his trips to secure locations, not his political travel.

If this was Clinton/Gore, Dan Burton would be on this like Noelle Bush on a dime-bag. Then there is this:

Many swing voters said they found Cheney a reassuring teammate for George W. Bush, and fans at the vice president’s rallies still praise him with terms like competence, dignity and experience. “I don’t want to insult President Bush, but — you know!” said Spencer Harrison, 17, who was among the Young Republicans at the North Carolina event.

After two years, even the War on Terrorism hasn’t convinced 17-year old Young Republicans that President Gameboy has grown into the job. Looks like Karl Rove still has his work cut out for him.



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