Me and God are watching Georgie grow,,,,

As noted last week, in the Note, Karen Hughes is writing a book about her experiences with President Almost Potty Trained:

Also, “Viking Penguin has made the winning but undisclosed seven-figure bid in the auction for George Bush confidant Karen Hughes’s White House memoirs. The book, an account of Hughes’s ‘unique relationship with the president’ and her life as a working mother and wife, is tentatively titled ’10 Minutes from Normal.'”

We asked for book titles for Karen, because we love that fact that she brought androgyny out of the walk-in closet and into the White House. Keeping in mind that she wrote, Bush’s fact-challenged ‘autobiography” A Charge To Keep, we thought we could be of some assisitance. Here you go Karen, feel free to go all Doris Kearns Goodwin on us:

A Candidate to Prop Up

Ten Shoe Sizes from Female

Bringing Up Baby

President On Only Fives SCOTUS Votes A Day

What I Saw At the Pretzel-choking Party

The One-Minute Enabler

The Idiot: Year 2000 Edition

Adventures in Babysitting – Travels with Georgie

President for A Day: September 11, 2001

On The Island Of Dr. Karl Rove, A Monkey President Makes Perfect Sense

D.I.Y. Media Whoring

Stupid White Men…and The Women Who Cover for Them

George Bush and the Secret Cabal of SCOTUS

If I Believe It–It’s Not a Lie

Soft Bigotry, Low Expectations: What To Expect From Bush

Pretzels, My Ass!

Escape From The Monkey House

I Quit To Spend More Time With My Son…Now Which Kid Is He?

Slouching Towards Buchenwald

Not So Great Expectations

I Got Him Elected. He’s Your Problem Now

Travels With The Chimperor

No. Nebraska is Not Pink Like On the Map. We’ll Be There Soon.

George Bush and The Pretzel of Doom

…and our winner:

Empire Falls: The Bush Years

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