The Hucakabee Hillbillies

It’s hard to believe that the same state that had Bill Clinton as Governor could end up with the Huckabee’s

Some choice bits:

It began with The New York Times quoting Republican legislators in Arkansas saying Janet Huckabee has damaged her husband politically.

The article described her as “the ball and chain around Mr. Huckabee’s campaign.”


In the Times article, state Senate Republican Leader John Brown of Siloam Springs and state Rep. Randy Minton, R- Ward, said voters don’t approve of Janet Huckabee’s running for secretary of state. Minton said it cost the governor as much as 5 percentage points. “I do think people look at having a married couple holding two of the highest elected offices in the state, and there is a negative connotation to that,” Brown told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette when asked about the Times piece. “Mike Huckabee has to have the crossover and the independent vote. That’s where I think both of them have been hurt.”

Janet Huckabee said in the Times article that her critics have bothered her. “If it wasn’t for the grace of God, I’d have shot a few people already,” she said. “Jesus wasn’t liked either. And Jesus was mistreated and called names.”

Of her Democratic opponent, Land Commissioner Charlie Daniels, Janet Huckabee said, “He says his problem with alcohol was 12 years ago, and I know that’s not true. He could hardly stand up at the governor’s gala last Christmas.”

During a recent televised debate, Janet Huckabee brought up Daniels’ driving-while-intoxicated convictions in 1983 and 1990. Daniels said the media covered them at the time. He added that he has apologized and has changed, and he doesn’t drink and drive anymore. “I’m not going to address Mrs. Huckabee’s continued personal attacks on me,” Daniels told the Democrat-Gazette when asked about the Times article. “What I will continue to do is run a positive campaign.”

Joe Quinn, spokesman for the governor’s campaign, called the story an “odd journalistic approach” because the governor’s campaign wasn’t contacted for comment. Quinn wouldn’t address whether Janet Huckabee has hurt her husband’s campaign. “We feel real good about where we are five days before the election,” Quinn said. Various polls show the governor leading by from 1 to 10 points. After quotes from the Times article were read to her, Janet Huckabee didn’t retract her quotes printed in that newspaper. She said she wasn’t dragging down her husband’s race. Of Daniels, she added, “There is a problem. I’m not sure that’s the leadership we want.”

Finally. Someone who makes Ann Coulter look sane…

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