Why there are no Mormons in the Soprano family…

Provo police are investigating charges that a part-time BYU student tried to kill his pregnant wife last year by poisoning her food and putting acid in her medication because she objected to his use of pornography.

Turner told police he put rat poison in a batch of cookies on July 14, 2001, according to a report filed with the court by Provo Detective Aaron Mullins and Officer N.G. Kogianes. Mullins said Turner told investigators that he made a second attempt to kill his wife two weeks later by adding what he believed were poisonous mushrooms from the family’s back yard to a spaghetti dinner.

Turner stated that he tried again two weeks later, Mullins said, replacing medication his wife was taking to prevent blood clots during the pregnancy with hydrochloric acid later found to be fish tank cleaner.

One…two…three times not a dead lady…..

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