Sybil! The Musical starring Peggy Noonan.

Peggy Noonan who admitted last week that she only met Paul Wellstone once, assumes she can speak for him.

My friends, I miss you and send you love.

That memorial rally was . . . something. I watched it from where I am, in the place beyond. It’s wonderful here. You’ll be amazed at what I think is one of the best parts. Two words: No politics. I love it. Who knew?

But we have to talk. I know what you were trying to do the other night, or what you sort of meant to do. But it was bad.

Peggy, who wrote the laughable The Case Against Hillary Clinton which contained a lengthy “dream sequence” with Hillary addressing the Hollywood moguls about ‘responsibility’, loves to leap into other people’s lives and live them for them while having them speak in her voice of her concerns. I’m sure she gets a vicarious thrill out of being the Pope or Hillary Clinton or, now, Paul Wellstone, but it would lend a bit ( a very small bit) of verisimilitude if she actually knew some of these people instead of indulging herself in that Blanche DuBois writing style of hers where she has “always depended on the lifestyles of strangers”.

Next week… Peggy channels Jam Master Jay because she once saw him on Saturday Night Live. Peace out, yo.

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