Why does my taco taste like cheap perfume and cigarette butts?

Tonya Sauce.

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Tonya Hot Sauce features an unflattering caricature of disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding outside a dumpy trailer, cigarette in mouth, ice skates in one hand and a hubcap in the other.

“Not for the weak-kneed,” reads the label. “Guaranteed to assault your taste buds. It’s a lead-pipe cinch you’ll love it.”

John Farmer and his PDX Hot Lix company brought out the product a couple of years ago and says it’s all in fun.

“I just read the papers and think up ideas for a product,” the airline employee said. “Tonya just keeps on giving.”

Harding doesn’t think it’s very funny and neither does her lawyer. Made in Oregon stores pulled the product from the shelves after getting a legal letter advising them not sell the sauce.

Here’s the best part:

Harding’s San Diego attorney William Markham said the spoof defames Harding and unfairly conjures up memories of what he says are disturbing and misunderstood events that foiled her dreams of an Olympic championship.

The letter threatens a lawsuit for misappropriating Harding’s image.

“Tonya has been punished more than enough for what she did or didn’t do,” Markham said.

“(The label) portrays her as cigarette-smoking, bubble-gum-chewing trailer trash and that’s not who Tonya Harding is,” he said. “She is a world-class athlete who trained for years on end, and in a horrible episode lost all that.”

Looks like Tonya has found not only a good lawyer but a soulmate…

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