Apparently the economy is worse than I thought…

It’s been a really interesting evening. After dinner I settled down at the computer to look for things to post on the blog. I was just finishing an article on Harvey Pitt and his failure to let the other members of the SEC board know about recent appointee William Webster’s membership on an audit committee that faces fraud charges. With this in mind, and the idea that investor confidence would surely be shaken, I was surprised to hear a knock at the door. Upon opening the door I found two oddly dressed children standing on the porch with open bags and expectant looks on their faces. Needless to say, it immediately occurred to me that they were going door-to-door begging for food. I thought to myself, has the economy collapsed this much? Is this what we have come to? When I asked them if they were hungry, they glanced at each other with quizzical looks that I took to mean “duh…of course we’re hungry”. Thinking that they looked like they could use a hot meal, I asked if they would like to come in and have, maybe a grilled-cheese sandwich. At this point they nervously glanced toward the street and I saw what I assumed to be their parents standing on the sidewalk with anxious smiles looking toward us. How incredibly sad! These people had been reduced to taking their children out on a cold October night to beg for food!

Have we become a third world country? Is this what the Bush administration has brought upon us?

Noting the awkwardness of feeding only the children and not the parents I decided the best course of action was to give them canned goods because who knew when they would get a chance to eat this evening and I couldn’t count on them still having refrigeration, much less a home to return to. After dropping several cans of corn and a can of asparagus into the young girls bag, I decided to give the boy a special treat hoping that he would understand the type of world he would have to make his way in. I dropped into his bag a slightly dog-eared copy of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. Although I felt a copy of Atlas Shrugged would be more informative for the young lad, I didn’t have an extra copy to spare at the time.

Apparently the children were shocked at my generosity for they were speechless. I told them “Good night” and yelled, “Good luck” to their waiting parents and started to close the door. As they walked back toward their parents I heard the boy say an amazing thing. He looked in his bag at the precious book I had given him and muttered to his sister one simple word: “Asswipe”.

Now my heart was truly broken for I realized that these people were so poor that they couldn’t even afford toilet paper and the book would soon become a poor substitute. Poor Adam Smith…he never meant for his words to be treated in such a way, but these are the times we live in….

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