If it happened last year, can we still call it a ‘youthful indiscretion’?

MWO nails the easily shocked Republicans…


Rush Limbaugh Cheers Man Who Led The Jeers

Blame Object Of Booing For Arrogance, Disdain

Standing Up For Good Manners And Family Values

Some of the people in the huge arena, packed with 20,000 mourners, were angry when they caught a glimpse of the Senator.

Disgust overcame them. They booed lustily, some of them shouting, “We don’t want you here,” and some shouting epithets.

And for the next few days, the GOP and right-wing pundits had a field day — supporting the booers, saying that they spoke the truth, and that the Senator deserved all that was dished out and more.

Rush Limbaugh led the right-wing boo fest by having the man who led the booing on his program as Dittohead Hero Of The Day.

Newsmax, Matt Drudge Neal Boortz, Kathleen Parker, and GOP radio talk show hosts nationwide cheered on the booers, and attacked the Senator they booed.

What’s wrong with this picture? Well nothing — because the Senator being booed wasn’t Trent Lott — it was Hillary Clinton, about a year ago, at Madison Square Garden. at a huge concert honoring the heroic policemen and firefighters who gave their lives on September 11, 2001.

It seems that some of those in the audience thought that this upbeat yet solemn occasion should — gasp! — be an occasion for politics.

Hear! hear! said Rush and his clones, who booed right along with them.

So you see, folks, it’s not the boos that matter to these right-wing thugs. It’s who’s getting booed. If it’s Trent Lott being booed, it’s a travesty. If it’s Hillary Clinton being booed, it’s an act of patriotism.

These people have no shame, no principles, no morals. They just want power. And will say anything, do anything to get it.

We can expect an apology from Rush the same day the National Thoroughbred Association names him Jockey of the Year.

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