Gene’s you don’t want to get into…..

This is from a few days ago, but it has a few lovely nuggets in it:

There is, as well, a family resemblance between these two brothers, as there is with the father, but in some ways they could not be more different. If President Bush is jaunty and happy, Jeb Bush is apt to be guarded and coiled.

Here in Vero Beach, Governor Bush was in the midst of a conversation when an elderly voter tugged impatiently at his sleeve, demanding a moment of his time. It was hardly an uncommon encounter for this state, but the governor reacted with a flash of irritation.

“I’ll be out in a second,” he said. “Do you know what a second is?” Mr. Bush proceeded to offer a definition (“A second is——”) though he caught himself and stopped.

…and this:

Analysts say that over all, Mr. Bush clearly benefits from the presence of this brother in the White House. Yet no less a person than Barbara Bush offered a reminder the other day of both ways the Bush name cuts in this state.

“Before I leave, do vote,” she said, exhorting elderly voters to turn out. “We’re the most disgraceful state.” She paused, her face frozen, as she realized what she had said. “Not state! Country! We do not vote.”

Jeb Bush put his hand in his head and slumped in his chair.

Thin-skinned and stupid. It’s the Bush family motto.

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