“Can I get a hand getting the bigscreen out of the rumpus room?”

Man leaves treehouse after 12 years

San Bruno Mountain’s last treehouse resident has packed his bags and moved on.

Besh Serdahely, the self-appointed guardian of the San Mateo County mountain’s lupines, owls and mission blue butterflies, asked rangers Tuesday to help him dismantle his home of 12 years from its carefully crafted niche in a huge coastal oak


Apart from their home, which was already built when they moved into Owl Canyon almost 12 years ago, the pair acted as unofficial caretakers, removing invasive plant species and keeping trails clear. They were charming, educational hosts to school groups who would stop by to visit with them during field trips to the park.

Mr. Serdahely said he was looking forward to his new carrer following Phish around the country and selling acid-soaked toothpicks.


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