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Soon to be unemployed Jesse Ventura is very upset.

Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, upset by what he felt was a partisan tone of a memorial service to honor the late Sen. Paul Wellstone, said he will try to appoint an independent instead of a Democrat to temporarily fill Wellstone’s seat.

Ventura had said he favored a replacement from Wellstone’s party, but that was before he walked out of Tuesday night’s memorial service

“I wanted to hear the sons. But Rick Kahn’s, I found his so offensive to me as an Independent, or to anyone who is not necessarily going to vote for Senator Wellstone who still respects him and came to pay their respects,” Ventura said. “It drove the first lady to tears.”

“I will try to find an independent,” Ventura said Wednesday on a talk radio show, though he did not say who he might name.

Ventura later backed off his statements somewhat, saying: “I haven’t ruled anything out.” Among the options, he said, is to appoint “a regular citizen” with no connection to politics

So, Governor Publicity Stunt is going to go to the trouble to appoint someone for a whole two weeks to show what a rebel he is…oooooooo. Of course in about three weeks, the people of Minnesota will forget that he ever held office until they see this on TV:

I took Navy Seal training

I took wrestling lessons.

I took the Governorship in Minnesota.

Now I take Viagra…..

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