From the lost files of Dian Fossey…

Haz-mat suit in place, I ventured into the freeperzone to see how they are dealing with Wellstone’s memorial service. Shhhhhh. Let’s listen in:

Agreed. There was demonic, genuinely rabid sickness flowing thru that arena.

That Tommy T and Trent L went was good. That when their faces were showed on the jumbo-tron and they were massively BOOED by the audience was CRUEL. VILE. And I am SO GLAD to know that Trent had the dignity to leave. Imagine going to a MEMORIAL SERVICE, to honor and respect a fellow colleague, and being BOOED while there……HORRENDOUS! HORRENDOUS!!!!!!!!!

This was a pathetic gathering was formed by legions from hell. I doubt most knew what was to occur there, in fact, I suspect most thought it was going to be a loving, respectful memorial service where they could all share their memories and respect. Alas-the joke was on them. And they were swept up into a McAuliffe-klintonian mission to gain advantage from a good man’s death.

The queen and king of immoral, disgusting vice reigned supreme, the newly annointed would be next senator beamed from ear to ear, the speakers distorted and drove the crowds to near hysterics with their political banter, the money bag man for the klinton’s flying monkeys grinned with vile sneers, jess jackson, glistened in the spot light, hovering like a demon with power on his mind, and the crowd leaped and shouted and swooned as a demonic legion shaking the gates of hell….because all of this was being done on the tragic event of one man’s death.

One might almost think these sick people were GLAD that Paul was killed in that horrific crash.

Was his wife mentioned, the pilots, the staffers?

Were others mocked and jeered at, or only Trent Lott and Tommy Thompson?

This disgraceful event was the culmination of the klintonian drive to usurp and take over the late great dem party. Their ilk reveled in the sick display, the orgasmic quality of their cheering and rock star like basking seemed to come straight from hell, imho.

the klintons want to destroy our culture and our rule of law-it seems fitting that their appearances are taking on the quality of a staged, choreographed venue of mass cultish-like hysteria. They must have felt supreme to finally be in a place where people were not booing them….ie a major league baseball game in NY or a FReeping out on the streets.

These people are not sad Wellstone passed away. Not by a long shot.

In fact- I did not see mourning or grief or love or respect at this event….I saw meaness, I saw GLOATING and LOTS OF IT!

I need to know….when Wellstone was living, and the race was being fought for the vote, was the vote considered close at the time?

There was something going on in that arena….my guess is….everyone with a hint of decency felt the shadow of hell.

280 posted on 10/30/2002 8:27 AM PST by Republic

Oh well. Better ranting on Free Republic than perched on the roof, thinning out the neighborhood with a high powered rifle…

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