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Medical pot growers in California are harshing fundamentalist ass-clowns John Ashcroft and Asa Hutchinson’s mellow:

It is now a familiar scene from San Francisco to San Diego, from the Central Valley to the inner cities – federal agents raiding marijuana gardens and shutting down organizations that dispense the drug.

One after another, under the threat of arrest or imprisonment, cannabis club operators across the state have closed their doors or stopped providing their wares to sick or dying patients.

Barely a handful of dispensaries remain, and they are afraid.

Federal officials stepped up their crackdown on pot collaboratives after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year that there is no medical necessity for growing marijuana for patients.

Since that decision, the federal government has raided eight California cannabis clubs, including the Los Angeles Cannabis Resource Cooperative, once a major dispenser of medical marijuana in the southern part of the state.

Drug agents say they are enforcing the federal law that prohibits the possession or distribution of dangerous narcotics


In the meantime, patients who say they rely on marijuana to ease the effects of AIDS treatment, chemotherapy or other sicknesses are scrambling for alternatives to the increasingly rare cannabis clubs.

They take their chances cultivating small gardens or buying marijuana from strangers.

“I try to keep a low profile,” said one AIDS patient from Ocean Beach who grows his own marijuana rather than risk dealing with a cannabis club. “I don’t want to be next on their list.”

Rod Johnson, 62, is a terminal cancer patient from Chula Vista. His source for marijuana dried up when agents uprooted McWilliams’ garden last month. Now he relies on friends to supply him with what he says is the only medicine that keeps up his appetite – and spirits.

“I wasn’t born and raised being a cannabis enthusiast – that was taboo. But I know how cannabis has affected my situation,” Johnson said. “It makes it more difficult when Steve is not my care provider.

“It’s available,” but you’re not dealing “with people you can trust.”

Glaucoma patient Evan Keliher of Rancho Bernardo smokes pot every day. He used to grow plants in a cooperative garden run by McWilliams, but shied away from that after being hassled by police.

“I buy it on the street,” said Keliher, 71. “You just have to know who to see and where.”

Would it be irresponsible to wish colon cancer on Ashcroft & Hutchinson? It would be irresponsible not—– oh my, that’s a bad thought, and we mustn’t have those…..

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