No more peeing on walls, dancing in the streets, and flashing your boobs….

The French Quarter is getting a makeover.

NEW ORLEANS — Child tap dancers, street mimes, panhandlers and con men — they have become fixtures in New Orleans’ rollicking French Quarter. But now they are getting the bum’s rush.

New Orleans is cracking down on street performers and minor crime in its most famous neighborhood, pleasing many of the roughly 4,000 people who live there.

They say the French Quarter’s reputation as a playground of sin has gotten out of hand, overshadowing its fine restaurants and 19th-century architecture.

“Upscale and downscale co-exist here, and that’s fine. That’s the basic character of New Orleans,” said Louis Sahuc, a gallery owner and French Quarter resident. “But sleaze and dirt and litter and hustling is not part of New Orleans. We’re very permissive in a lot of ways, but permissiveness does not extend to outright abuse by people who want to rip you off.”

This comes just in time as the New Orleans Tourist Bureau rolls out their newest ad campaign:

The French Quarter! Just like Salt Lake City..but without the color and glitz!



Yeah. Like I would tell you....