For those looking for the contest…

……”Viking Penguin has made the winning but undisclosed seven-figure bid in the auction for George Bush confidant Karen Hughes’s White House memoirs. The book, an account of Hughes’s ‘unique relationship with the president’ and her life as a working mother and wife, is tentatively titled ’10 Minutes from Normal.'”

Since Karen is so busy hopscotching around the country bailing out faltering candidates, I thought we could, at least, help her with the title of her book about her “unique” relationship with GW Bush. Previously discarded titles include:

-Hold Still While I Change Your Diaper!

-You Can Come Out From Under The Desk Now…and Other Things I Told The President

-It’s “Nu-cle-ar” …Now Say it. “Nu-cle-ar”. C’mon. You Can Do It.

-Speeches, Photo-Ops, and Screwing Laura: My Days and Nights With The President

Submit your suggestions today before all the good names are taken. Suggestions to be posted Friday night!!!!

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