Islamophobe Andy and the talented Mr Putin

This is war guys.” Andrew Sullivan reminds us, as hypothetical world leaders keep making horrible decisions.:

IN DEFENSE OF PUTIN: Maybe he’ll stop prevaricating on the Security Council now, especially since the weapons inspectors have put themselves behind the U.S-U.K. position. The loss of civilian life in the Moscow theater is, of course, a terrible event. But Putin’s gut instinct – to fight the terrorists with all the means at his disposal – was and is the right one. We don’t yet know the type of gas used, and clearly something went badly, badly wrong. But the idea of using such a device to stun and paralyze hostage-taking terrorists is not a crazy one. This is a war, guys. Above all, it must be stressed that the people really responsible for these civilian deaths are the terrorists themselves. And their global reach is widening. We’ve had outbreaks of terrorism in Bali, Jordan, Moscow and Washington, D.C. in the last couple of weeks. Every single one has some kind of Islamic extremist connection. Although the nuances differ, and the groups may not be identical and the specific motives diverse, Islamism is the thread that connects them all.

…and if 117 people have to die to make Andy feel all safe and snuggly for a few minutes, well, war is hell, get over it, and let the bombing begin. I think Jeff Danziger disagrees. Where many see tragedy and negligence, Andy sees an opportunity to push for more death to Muslims. It must be nice to have the fires of religious bigotry to keep him warm at night. People dead in Bali: bomb Iraq. People killed by their own security forces in Russia: bomb Iraq. Fox cancels Girl’s Club: bomb Iraq. The fact that Saddam’s Iraq is a secular dictatorship isn’t any reason to not blow it up to get at those Islamo-fascists who don’t reside there.

Maybe Ashcroft will let Andy give the needle to John Muhammad and they can both get off on it. Then Andy can feel like he’s part of the war on terrorism.

It’s as close as he’ll ever get…and he knows it.

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