…and from now on Rummy wants to be refered as “Peggy Fleming”…

Taking precious time out from making up phoney-baloney connections between Saddam and al Qaeda, Donald Rumsfeld signed a memo making the President the sole “Commander in Chief”.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has issued a memorandum reserving the title for the president, and discontinuing its use for military officers who head the U.S. military’s nine regional and unified combatant commands

“This makes official a rule that the secretary ordered a number of months ago,” Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary Bryan Whitman, a senior Pentagon (news – web sites) spokesman, said on Tuesday.

Whitman told Reuters that Rumsfeld had determined that the practice of calling each of the regional U.S. military commanders around the world “commander in chief” of his or her area was incorrect, and that “combatant commander” was more appropriate.

So this is your new Official Commander in Chief… (Warning to cubicle monkeys…contains sound)

Boy. The Supreme Court can sure pick’em…..

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