Well, after all, we didn’t care that much for the first Bush, ourselves…I mean, we did fire him…

Paul Wolfowitz (Mary Kate to Richard Perle’s Ashley) thinks that President Clinton let Saddam “get off lightly,” following Iraq’s 1993 attempt on the life of former President George H. W. Bush.

You know, we had just fired the guy because he wasn’t up to the job, so it’s not like we were all, you know, gonna get in a war over him and stuff. I mean, jeez, all ol’ #41 ever did was breed drunks and other criminals…..

Clinton launched 23 Tomahawk missiles against the headquarters Iraqi intelligence in June 1993, after receiving “compelling evidence” that the Iraqi dictator intended to kill the elder Bush while he visited Kuwait.

“We must confront this enormous appetite for revenge and consider also that Saddam Hussein might have concluded from that event that he could risk an extraordinarily dangerous act and get away with it,” Wolfowitz told the Association of Old Crows’ annual conference.

Attendees of the Old Crow’s meeting included Phyllis Schlafly, Kate O’Beirne, Barbara Bush, Mona Charen, High Grand Supreme Crone Lynn Cheney, and Ann Coulter whose biological clock is at 3 minutes until crone-hood……

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