No one left to care…

Hitchens. (Sorry, but it’s a Salon Premium article and I refuse to give Talbott any money that might go to Andy Sullivan.)

Christopher Hitchens talks about his beef with the Nation, the “filthy menace” of Saddam Hussein, and how the left ceded its moral credibility by opposing the war against Islamic fascism

Maybe it’s me, but does anyone really care about Chris Hitchens? Isn’t this just a case of media navel-gazing regarding a very minor journalist/celebrity? I mean, jeez, this guy is sooooo big that, coupled in a panel with Andy Sullivan, they managed to draw a whole 200 people to a seminar at NYU. 200 ? That’s friggin embarassing (if Hitch and Sully were capable of being embarassed). Outside of Richard Hatch from Survivor has there ever been so much written about someone who is such a flyspeck in the cultural landscape?

Somebody wake me when the sodden twit is discovered drowned in a pool of his own vomit…

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