Bush’s poll numbers approaching his IQ

Okay. It’s Dick Morris, Fox, and NewsMax which is the trifecta of stupidity, but you got to love the part where Morris calls President Cowardly Lyin’ a “pussy”;

A new Fox News Dynamics poll set for release Tuesday shows that President Bush’s job approval numbers are plummeting.

“There has been a major development in the polling, according to the Fox News poll that was completed on Friday,” former White House political guru Dick Morris told Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes.”

“Bush has really been hit in the last two weeks with a big fall,” the top strategist revealed.


“Bush, on the one hand, is telling the American people that we have this super-crisis with Iraq,” the top consultant explained. “And then he futzes with Paris and the United Nations, he campaigns in South Carolina eating rubber chicken, and he’s not acting like a president whose country is under siege.”

Morris said that Bush needs to “set a deadline for the U.N., stop negotiating with France – stop looking like a p—y.”

Apparently NewsMax is tooooooo delicate to spell it out. Carl Limbacher is such a pussy.

I await the latest from Andy Sullivan decrying anti-pussy bigotry…..

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